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Cindy L. Wagner, Artist

Ok, … let’s jump!

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way... things I had no words for.”Georgia O'Keeffe

Art is my best friend after my daughters who are as inspirational as any work of art I’ve ever created.  The relationship of my work started from my humble beginnings growing up on a dairy farm to my inspiration and tone in creating art that radiates a positive and peaceful feeling from them. My art tells of my struggles within me. I’m shy, letting my art speak for me gives them a voice showing the flexibility to say what I want and how I want to say it.

The power of choice, style, medium, intensity, and color influences my work to be light and free with a certain “POP” having no boundaries to them. This gives the viewer a chance to stop and smell the roses, in this case, to stop and appreciate the techniques that are used to captivate a feeling of relaxation, happiness, and harmony while pushing the use of color to its fullest.

When I create a piece of art the feeling I get is nothing short of euphoria along with the self-confidence from them exposing myself completely and having the courage to do so. This is especially true when working with pastels being like an innocent child that’s been absorbed by expressing the purity of the freedom by hue and light.

Creating a world for a moment is what art does, and learning from solidly skilled artists who opened the door for me to run with what they taught gave me the determination and focus to express myself on my own.

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